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Hello to you & thanks for visiting.I am passionate about all live entertainment, whether it be, music, theatre, festivals or comedy. I love them all.

I want to be able to give you great advise on all the very best in live shows. When they are on, where they are & the best way to get tickets for them, at the best possible prices.

The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

I grew up in Manchester ,UK. In the late 70’s early 80’s the city was alive with music & the punk scene. They were great times, seeing so many new bands playing in all sorts of wierd venues, from the good, bad & the damn right ugly. Some were 1 hit wonders, some went on to great things & some should never have bothered.

With So Much Choice Now Days, It’s Good to know what’s GOOD.

I went with my wife & 9 year old daughter to the Isle of Wight Festival this year, & it was brilliant. We also went to the theatre to see Mama Mia, again superb. So I was very impressed with both & was also very lucky, because with 3 of us these are by no means cheap days out.

So to have some idea’s of what critics & people alike, think of a show, concert, festival etc, can really help in getting a great experience for everyone, as opposed to a very expensive disaster.

Tickets for Top Events Can Sellout Very Fast

At JTTStore, I want to try to give you as much information & advice as I can, as to what is on, what’s really worth going to see & also how to get tickets & for the best prices.

If you ever need some advise or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,